Nov 15, 2013

Student Book Review

Among the HiddenbyMargaret Peterson Haddix

Reviewed by Potter78

Among the Hidden is a book that takes place in the 31st century. The problem in the book is that the government has passed a law that makes having three or more children in one family illegal. Sadly, Luke is a third child that must stay in the attic 80 percent of the day.  
One day he sees someone in a window where he knows two kids have gone to school. Does he dare find out more about the third child?  
I enjoyed this book because the author always has something interesting happening all the way to the end of the book. I recommend this book for kids who like futuristic action books.


Anonymous said...

Dear Potter78,
That sounds like a very interesting book. Have you read 'The Kindling' or the Warriors series? The Warriors are about warrior cats. If you read it you either love it or don't. I think you would like it.
Sincerely, Bling Dog.

Anonymous said...

I agree Bling Dog,
Warriors are a really good book!
The book that you wrote sounds cool, Potter 78
Sincerely, Nemo 22

Anonymous said...

Dear Potter78,
I think that is a cool book.Im glad that Im not in the 31st century because my little sister would have to stay in the attic,or something.I am wondering though,why would it be illegal to have 3 or more children.