Mar 26, 2015

Author Skype

Today we had a great time interviewing Kristin Levine in Virginia.  She wrote the book we are currently reading aloud (and hoping to finish before we leave for vacation!).  It was a very interesting interview and one of the most shocking things we learned is that it took her 4 years to write 'Lions of Little Rock.'  I was also surprised to learn that she didn't like writing at all when she was in school.  In fact, she said she wasn't a very good writer but she was really good at rewriting and making her writing better. Hmmmm maybe this is something all of us need to think about!!  What really made an impression on you during the interview??

Mar 13, 2015

Announcing New Quad Blog!

We are connecting with some new classes around the world this spring.  We have just connected with a new class in New Zealand.  Want to know a little bit more about New Zealand?  Check out these sites....