Nov 1, 2013

Mystery Skype

Last week we had our first Mystery Skype.  A Mystery Skype is where we skype with another class somewhere in the country and try to guess where they live before they guess where we live. This week we guessed where they were first.  They live in Maine and it was a nice activity to sharpen your geography skills.  We asked yes or no questions like "Are you south of West Virginia?" then they answered yes or no.  We had jobs like using maps to come up with the next question or keeping track of what we already know.  We had a puzzle map of the USA and we took the states off the map that we knew they couldn't be.  We got down to the last few states and we asked, "does your state border another country?"  They replied, "Yes" so the only state it could be was Maine.  That was our first class Mystery Skype. 

written by Sparkle12 and Potter78


Morgan in Mrs. Carroll's Class said...

when you guys did your first skyp who guessed the state first the other class or you. When my class skpes the other class always anwsers first. But I do not mind I just want to have fun!!

David said...

Our class loves Mystery Skype we did around 6 of them.We did some to Massachusetts,Arkansas,Louisiana and Indiana

Anonymous said...

Mystery Skype was Awesome,right?We won one(thats funny right there)against Maine and Nebraska.We were so close losing against Nebraska,but it was easy against Maine.

Anonymous said...

Dear All-star28,
Hi, I'm Bling Dog. I though they were fun. Haha on that joke. But, I wouldn't say it was 'easy'. I would say 'their location was easier to find' instead. I thought it was pretty awesome doing the Mystery Skype, though.
Sincerely, Bling Dog.