Nov 14, 2013

Haunted Houses, book 2

Another group of great descriptive writing pieces about scary houses we might have visited...

Haunted Homes Book 2


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms.McLean's Class,
I love all the fun and interesting titles and stories. I even got freaked out when I was reading one. Are you guys going to do a book about Christmas? I hope you do.
Sincerely, Bling Dog.

Tim said...

Hello Ert,
I really like the way you made the ending really creepy, it was overall good. But I don’t really like the whole lot of zombies and Frankensteins chasing you. You did really well.
Yours Sincerely, Tim

Rebecca said...

Hi Mathgirl,
I really like your story ‘Haunted House of Death’, especially the ending. You have used a lot of detail and adjectives, and that’s what makes a good story. It would be so scary if you had a friend, and then every Halloween they would turn into a zombie! That’s probably the part of the story I like the most. Are the characters friends or are they made up?
Kind regards, Rebecca

sam said...

Dear Slammins,
Hi I just wanted to say I really like your spooky house story. I like how you said in my mind my brain was telling me to get out of DIE!! I also really like your house pitcher it looks really cool.
From Sam

daniel said...

Hi allstar28
You made a great Halloween story for the classes around the world. I had liked it because it had creepy zombies paintings that i could imagine. There were sudden parts of the story. The which i had liked the best when the house crumbled down.
sincerely 4A

Matilda said...

Hi Liv4,
My name is Matilda and I think your spooky story was awesome. I loved how it was intense and how I felt nervous just reading it. I also felt like I was really in the haunted house and someone was trying to get me. The descriptive words you used were brilliant and I didn’t get lost in the story so I understood every sentence in your story. I think you the picture really matched the story. I got goosebumps reading it. I think you did a really good job on your story.
Best regards,

Emily said...

Hi Liv4
My name is Emily and I am from Australia. I loved your spooky story it made me feel like I was in the story, It was giving me the butterflies just reading it. The words and description was super. I really felt like something was wrong.
From Emily

Chloe said...

Hi Soccer13,
I really like your spooky story. I like the end and when you opened the door with the gooey door handle. I just wonder why your mum would drop you off at a spooky house like that.
From Chloe 

charli said...

Hi mathgirl
I think that your story is great how you explained it and it was spooky story, I also got a great picture in my head of what was happening in the story.
From Charli

callum said...

Hey Navydog,
Your spooky story is awesome and it gave me the creeps. you have a pretty good idea of how to write a horror story.
From Callum.

Morgan in Mrs. Carroll's Class said...

the scary story sounds awsome. My class also wrote a scary story just like your class.
My teacher Mrs. Carroll let us add in a scary creature. Your story's seem great!