Dec 29, 2014

New Blog Platform

Hey everyone we have been upgraded to the new Kidblog platform at our student blog site.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Dec 19, 2014


Bravo to our small class!  Despite the loss of 6 missing flu victims, we still managed to pull though and guess the state of North Carolina for our 4th Mystery Skype.  Our competitors were doing their first Mystery Skype however they guessed Wisconsin right after we guessed their state.  The visiting classroom lived 5 miles from the border of Virginia-they could practically walk across the border!  We also learned the Wright Brothers flew their first plane there (Pogoboy already knew that though because he is researching the Wright Brothers.  You can check out his report on his kidblog page).

Dec 16, 2014


Check out this totally cool drawing that Artboy did of BalisticBomb on the whiteboard!  Great likeness.

Hour of Code

Dec. 8 - Dec. 12 was Hour of Code and our class participated.  We LOVED it!!  Who knew computer code could be so much fun.  We spent two days for one hour each with the laptops learning about coding.  I think it was the quietest this classroom has ever been!

Crazy Hair

Last Friday was crazy hair day.  We had some very crazy hair here!

Dec 5, 2014

3rd Mystery Skype

We had our fourth Mystery Skype on Thursday.  This time, we discovered that one of our favorite questions, "Do you border a large body of water?" needed some clarifying.  When we asked the question at first, the class said no.  When we went back and asked it again-but adding "including lakes?" they answered yes!  From now on, we will definitely make sure our questions are VERY clear!

They guessed our state first this time, but we did figure out that they were from Illinois (AGAIN!).  Just because we have already had a state doesn't mean it can't come back again!! BEWARE (mwah ha ha ha).