Jul 23, 2013

Why the name?

Definition of Driving- 

1. Transmitting power or motion -  
Learning is power!   No matter where you are starting from, our goal as 4th graders is to always be moving forward.  My wish is that you will keep on growing and learning throughout the year!  

2. Intense, or forceful: a driving rain.
I hope during the year you will find yourself intensely involved in learning.  Have you ever had that experience?  You know, those times when you are so involved and interested in something that time just speeds by!  My goal this year is for all of us to experience being intensely involved in learning.

3. Energetic or active: a driving personality. 
The best kind of learning is energetic and active! I love lessons where everyone is active and involved;  doing and playing with whatever we are studying that day.  

I am ready to go, so buckle in and let's cruise!  Welcome to 4th grade!

This will NOT be your experience in our classroom!!.......
Are We There Yet??