Nov 1, 2013


"Hello," I say, walking by.
"Hello," he says, saying hi,
"Hello," I say to someone.
"Hello," she says, I'm twenty -one."
"Hello," I say, searching round.
"Hello," he says, "Look what I found!"
"Hello," I say, entering work.
"Hello" I say, "My name is Gerk."
"Hello" I say, to my boss.
"Hello" he says, (he likes to floss).
"Hello" I say, humming loudly.
"Hello" she says, singing soundly.
"Hello" I say, leaving work.
"Hello" he says, "Don't forget I'm Gerk."
"Hello" I say heading home.
"Hello" I say ready to roam.
"Hello" I say to my wife.
"Hello" she says, she's had a good life.
"Hello" I say to my kids.
"Hello" they say,
their names are Tim and Lid.
"Hello" I say to my baby.
"He-woh," he says.  His name is Aby.

 written by All-Star28

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Anonymous said...

Dear All-star28,
I like your poam, I think it's really neat.

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