Oct 25, 2014

14th Goldfish GRA

We are reading 'The 14th Goldfish' in class as part of the Global Read Aloud.  All over the world, students are sharing and discussing their thoughts while reading this engaging book.  Our class has been doing some drawing while listening to reading.  Friday we put these drawings together with some of our favorite dialogue from the story using the Chatterpix app on the Ipads.  Loads of fun, check it out!

Oct 13, 2014

Fabulous Surprise Birthday today

Today we had a big surprise birthday for Ryane!  Check out this special movie that his dad made for him!! We all thought it was pretty awesome, and I don't even know any of these guys!


Oct 6, 2014

Group Challenge #2 SAVE FRED!

Friday after our end of unit math test we had another group challenge.  This challenge was to work with a partner to save Fred.  Fred was a gummy worm who had been out boating (clear cup) but had capsized.  Unfortunately he had forgotten to wear his life vest which was trapped underneath the boat (don't ever do that!).  Here is a picture of how each group began the challenge.
Fred is on top of his boat but the life saver is trapped underneath!  OH NO!
Students were given 4 paper clips and were not allowed to touch Fred, the boat, or the lifesaver.  They had to work together to get the life vest out from under the boat and then put Fred into the life vest.  Not as easy as it sounds!  However all groups were successful and here are some pictures from our challenge.....

Mystery Skype #2, by Bball 1013

Today my class had our 2nd mystery skype.  They guessed our state, Wisconsin, really quickly.  It took us a long time to guess their state. Their state was Kansas.  In our 1st mystery skype they were in Utah.  This time another 4th grade classroom came into our classroom and did the mystery skype with us.  Warrior30 did a great job keeping track of the questions .  We were asking the people in Kansas to find out what state they were in.   At the end we asked regular questions like what school they were at and have they ever had a tornado.  They said they are the state of tornadoes.  They also said their state animal is a Buffalo.  Ms. Mc said that we are going to do more mystery skypes throughout the year. MYSTERY SKYPES ARE AWESOME!!!