Nov 13, 2013

Haunted Houses a lesson in descriptive writing

Read about our very creepy visits to some horrid haunted houses!

Haunted Houses


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms.McLean's Class,
Even though I wrote one I love all of the fun spooky and with some humor haunted house stories. Could you please do one about Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas? If you did I would read all of them. I think it's fun to see how people like to write- humor, serious, fun, relaxing and etc.
Sincerely, Bling Dog.

Hayley said...

Dear Sparkle12,
I love your Spooky Story about ‘The House That Was Old’. It is really detailed and descriptive and I think it is truly a Spooky Story that I would give 100 out of 100.
Regards Hayley

Kimnerly said...

Hi Bling Dog,
I loved your haunted house story. I really liked your description of the spooky night. It helped me paint a picture in my head about the setting.
The describing of the describing of the house was also a great description. The way you described the roof was amazing. The description of the chimney puffing out smoke was great. You used great powerful words.
Thanks From
Kim Australia.

Emma said...

Hi clay52,

I loved your spooky story ‘The Spooky House!’ I loved how you put ‘Lots of glass was scattered everywhere’ it was cool!
The ending was pretty cool when you said ‘I ran home and locked my bedroom door and stayed there for the rest of the night!’ I think you used some very creative words in your story and it made it sound very cool/ awesome!

Thanks for the great story,

From Emma

Georgia said...

Hi Ert,
I really enjoyed your story it made me have goose bumps. The detail was good. Your photo was a really scary photo and that helped me get the picture in my head.
From Georgia

Laura said...

Hi Lucky12,
I really like your haunted house story. Your detail is really good. Your picture really matched the writing piece that you did.
Kind regards Laura

Joseph said...

Hello Nemo 22,

Your Haunted House writing was very fearsome and spooky. You used great adjectives for example “it felt cold and rusty” (describing the doorknob). I really enjoyed your cliff-hanger: THE END, OR IS IT?......


Josh said...

Hi Soccer 13
I like how you explained how the windows brook by the wind.
I also like the way you explained that people didn’t believe you and one girl went in and didn’t return. The last thing is the way you explained the way you slammed the door so hard that it brook.
From Josh

Angus said...

Dear JumpinJ

I like your story because you have used powerful words. I like the part when the werewolf comes crashing down from nowhere. It also makes me want to read all day long. I liked the way you described the house also the colours.

Kind Regards - Angus

Reese said...

Hello author of The Death House
I love your story because it is descriptive and the most like a slasher film and my favourite part is when you get killed by the wolf.
Yours sincerely Reese

Tom said...

Dear Cbot,
I love your story about the mansion with you and Charlie. The idea of the lever disguised as a torch was brilliant and I liked the way described the mansion, it sounded really spooky. I like the way your story ended with you getting grounded.
From Tom.

Ben said...

Dear Tbow
I liked your scary story a lot; I liked the part when the guy in the robe came out with an axe and all the sound effects.
From Ben

ned said...

Hi bling dog,
This is Ned. I really enjoy your spooky story I love the picture it is very spooky. And I got the chills when I was reading it.
Cheers Ned

Nelson said...

Hi Ert,

I really enjoyed your story start to finish. I’m all about zombies. I also liked the setting in 1981. It was freaky when Andreas disappeared. I really loved the end. ‘There was no way I could get him back’ awesome ending.

From Nelson

Anonymous said...

Dear Ert,
I loved that story.But you had to have Andreas fade away.He was my favorite character.I liked the part where the zombies got shawn.Great Story!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I cant agree more Nelson.I LOVED that story.But you had to have Andreas die.He was my favorite character.My favorite part was when you were talking about an awesome video game.