Nov 26, 2013

Field Trip to the Audubon Nature Center

Last week, the 4th grade went to an Audubon Nature Center. We learned about landscapes, wind, water and lands. We were divided in to 4 groups. One group looked at a huge piece of granite which was carried there by a glacier. All of the groups went in to mini-groups and made ravines, lakes, islands, and peninsulas on the beach of Lake Michigan. Then we all collected rocks and looked at them to see if they were sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous rocks. Potter78 found four pieces of granite and named them all Mr. Granite(haha). We all had lots of fun except for when we got sand in our shoes.

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Morgan in Mrs. Carroll's Class said...

Hi Ms. Mcleans class,
I would love to go were you guys went. It sounded like all 4 groups had super fun.
What do you think was your favorite part?