Blogging Guidelines

Welcome to Our Blog!

Driving in 4th is a place for us to share the news and happenings from our 4th grade classroom.  We hope you will enjoy participating in our celebrations and accomplishments as we travel through 4th grade.

Keeping personal information safe is extremely important to us!  We are studying how to stay safe while online.  Visitors should read our blogging guidelines before they leave us a comment on one of our posts or pages.  These guidelines are the agreements that we follow in our classroom to make sure that we are keeping ourselves, and others safe while blogging.  If our visitors follow these agreements, they will be helping to keep themselves and others safe too.

~Our Blogging Guidelines~

1.   When blogging, we only use first names or pen names when leaving a comment.

2.   Never include personal information about yourself or others like address, last name, school name, phone number, or personal plans.

3.   Please remember, our comments should show respect and appreciation.  We never leave negative or mean comments about someone or their work.

4.   ALL posts and comments submitted to the blog are seen and approved by Ms. McLean before they are included on our blog for everyone to read.

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