Feb 21, 2014

False Prince

Our class has been living in Carthya these past few weeks as we read through Jennifer Nielsen's The False Prince.  It is hard to stop reading, and oh we want to keep reading each day to find out what will happen to Sage - except for those lucky few who got their own book and read ahead-shame on you! But we don't blame you, the suspense is killing us!!!  Well here is the author's website and guess what, looks like there is going to be a movie.  YIKES, we urge you to read this book before the movie comes out and ruins all those great images you can create in your own head.

BTW anyone interested in starting a morning book club to meet once a week and read the second (and perhaps third) book in the series????  Leave your comments below.
How do you think this book is going to end???

Feb 13, 2014

Snow Fort Math Class

Time to make snow forts and talk about perimeter and area.  Today was the warmest weather we have had all month!  A balmy 30 outside a perfect day to go out and make snow forts!  We had some grand designs but found transferring design to actual fort is not as easy as we thought.  Anyway, we had great fun practicing our perimeter and area skills.

Feb 8, 2014

We are Quadblogging again!!  Welcome to our new quadblogging friends from Singapore and the United Kingdom.  We are looking forward to sharing with you.  
  • You can learn more about us through our first few posts from September - all about our classroom and our school.