Oct 6, 2014

Mystery Skype #2, by Bball 1013

Today my class had our 2nd mystery skype.  They guessed our state, Wisconsin, really quickly.  It took us a long time to guess their state. Their state was Kansas.  In our 1st mystery skype they were in Utah.  This time another 4th grade classroom came into our classroom and did the mystery skype with us.  Warrior30 did a great job keeping track of the questions .  We were asking the people in Kansas to find out what state they were in.   At the end we asked regular questions like what school they were at and have they ever had a tornado.  They said they are the state of tornadoes.  They also said their state animal is a Buffalo.  Ms. Mc said that we are going to do more mystery skypes throughout the year. MYSTERY SKYPES ARE AWESOME!!!

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