Oct 13, 2014

Fabulous Surprise Birthday today

Today we had a big surprise birthday for Ryane!  Check out this special movie that his dad made for him!! We all thought it was pretty awesome, and I don't even know any of these guys!



Anonymous said...

Could you get me a autograph?

Anonymous said...

Can you get me one to

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this amazing video!
I love to watch the WWE's too because my brothers are crazy about it. It thought i was so cool about the fact that they wished you a happy birth-day and i want to wish you a happy birth-day to even if its to late!
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Matthew said...

That was a great video! Do you have a favorite football team? Mine's the Chiefs. Your dad is really nice and is good at making the video.

Matthew at www.kidblog.org/teamhillier

Colin said...

AWESOME! That sounds so amazing that a WWE superstar wished you a happy birthday!
When is your birthday? Your dad is funny when he said I hope you enjoyed your cake, because it cost a lot of money! I wish you a happy birthday!

Colin at www.kidblog.org/teamhillier

Dominyc said...

That was a very great video, and that was awesome for your dad to do that. That was pretty amazing that the Miz said happy birthday to you. Do you want to know my favorite WWE wrestler? It's Hulk Hogan. his even in a movie that's very funny it's Mr. Nanny.

Dominyc at www.kidblog.org/teamhillier