Sep 22, 2014

This week in Daily Geography and Social Studies..

Latitude and Longitude!! sing along.....


Anonymous said...

Hi, Driving in 4th!
Thank you for public the post, I like geography so much, last year we also learnt about geography got our Unit Of Inquiry topic and we had a fun time. How long have you start learning about geography? We would also like you to visit our blog, our address is


maya said...

I really like that you made a song to help you with learning. I thought that was really creative. The song itself in my opinion i thought it sounded very good. I have heard many learning songs and this was pretty good. And thank you so much for sharing this with us.
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Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing this post. It's about good behavior and it's related to our PYP attitudes and the RECIPE.

What did you learned about the video?

Anonymous said...

Hi Driving in fourth,

I really like this post because it's explains longitude and latitude but in a fun and exciting way. I get quite confused with geography so now I have learnt a bit about it. Is there anything else you know about geography? Don'y forget to come to our blog-


Anonymous said...

Hello There,

I thought that was a lovely video. I also thought that was a really funny as well and i got a little bit but if you could tell me a bit more about what that video was telling you to do that would be nice. Also my favourite part was when the teacher was clapping and laughing.

What was your favourite part about that video?


Anonymous said...


I really like the song that you made to improve your skill about geography.I like geography or some topic which is related to it.Thank for the public post!

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Anonymous said...

Hi driving in forth

I really like this video it is a really good way of showing longitude and latitude. It is also really funny and catchy which helps you to remember. I have not done a lot of geography at school yet but it sounds really confusing but i'm sure it will be easier than it sounds.

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Gary said...


I think the song you did was really good.
It also tells you what you should do.
How did you video and drive?
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