May 1, 2014


We took our field trip to visit our state capitol last week.  What was your favorite part of the trip?  The bus ride?
Some happy bus riders!

Or perhaps it was seeing the statue of Colonel Heg?  Do you remember what we read about him?
We finally meet Colonel Heg!

Did you like seeing the different parts of government?
Some young legislators.

Was your favorite part the museum?  Seeing all those artifacts that connected to our text?
Some tired lead miners.

Leave a comment and let me know what you liked the BEST!!!


Anonymous said...

We think that if we went to your state capitol what we would have enjoyed the government parts the most.
We are very interested in governmental issues. We hope you really enjoyed your trip.
Hannah and Esme

Anonymous said...

Hi,We think that was a fun journey to go to your state capitol.Which state of America do you guys live
in? What is the state capitol called? If we can,we want to go to there today! I hope you enjoyed it.Leave us a comment,our class website is

Eric & Ziyi