May 6, 2014

Alphabet to the last day of school!

We are counting down the alphabet to get to the last day of school. Today was the first day 'A' for airplane day! We made paper airplanes in class (look at those angles and triangles-YES math is everywhere!).

We took our fabulous paper planes outside for a quick race. Here we are lining up to get started.

Here are the finalists

And of course, it had to happen....

(BTW we did rescue it!)

Tomorrow is 'B' for baby picture.


Anonymous said...

Dear Drivingin4th,
I think the tree wanted to join in and through his airplane.
Sincerely, HL21

Anonymous said...

Dear Drivingin4th

Who won out of the finalist
say good job to who won
for me will you thanks
sincerely lucky12

Anonymous said...

We think this is a great idea. It would be awesome if our class could do this.
Hannah and Atrin

Daisy said...

Hi Driving In 4th,

Paper airplanes sound awesome! We just love how you can throw them through the air and they saw like a bird and still look like mini white aeroplanes.
Paper planes getting stuck in tree's doesn't sound good because they are probably vastly hard to get out of those tangly tree branches.

Come check us out at

From Olivia

Anonymous said...

I think counting the alphabet and doing an activity for every letter s a great idea, and very fun! I wish our class could do that this year but this year is nearly finished and and we dont have enough time. I really like that idea and have fun.
Daniel & Oliver
Visit our blog at
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Driving In 4th,

Awesome! Good luck with the count down, and have a super summer!

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Happy Blogging!
Esmé - NISS