Apr 21, 2014

The Library- Harris Burdick Stories Quick Write

     Jannya Gornor was walking through the library looking for a scary book.  She found this scary book called 'The Cong0.'  But, before she could grab it, Mr. Linden walked up to her.  He grabbed the book from the shelf and warned Jannya,"You may not want this book!  It's quite scary for a little girl like you!"  "Shut up," she yelled, irritated that he thought of her like a little girl.  "Shh," everyone hushed, turning back to their books.
     But, stubborn Jannya checked it out anyways.  When she arrived at home, Jannya did the usual boring homework and stupid chores.  She started to read her book, 'The Congo', and after stopping at a really good part, she started to slumber.
     She left the book open, to the part about the forest, and started to snore.  (She sounded like a donkey when she snored.)  All of a sudden, darkish green vines started to grow bigger and bigger.  They slowly came out of the book, crawling over Jannya.  A few minutes later, they choked her to death.  The book never returned to the library. 

by sparkle 12

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