Apr 21, 2014

Just Dessert- Harris Burdick Stories Quick Write

A woman named Erica was at a farm one day looking for a pumpkin for her dessert, her favorite, pumpkin pie!  All the sudden her foot hit a huge pumpkin and she exclaimed, "the bigger the pumpkin the bigger the pie".  Erica picked it up and put it in her wagon.  On her way home the horse hooves made a beat and she whistled to the beat.  All the sudden her wheel hit a big stone she looked at it.  It did not move one bit.  She made it home and went inside with the pumpkin.  Then she prepared for her dessert.  She put the the pumpkin on the table.  She grabbed her knife.  The pumpkin started to glow when she lowered the knife and it got brighter.  She cut open the top she took out a glowing see-through ball. 
 It was a universe!

by Lucky 12


Daniel said...

That sounds awesome! What would you do if you had the universe in your hands? I would kep it safe someware are have a look at it.
james v & daniel

Anonymous said...


I love your story! What did she do with the univers?What happend if she dropped the universe and it rollled. Would the universe roll too?Amazing story.

Good job,
Sincerly Oliver