Sep 17, 2013

Our Library and BOOKS

We love reading books, we do not like to stop reading. Also, HL21 likes horse books, horses, and books about jumping horses. Nemo22 likes chapter books, cats and dogs, art, books, and animals.

written and designed by HL21 and Nemo22


Anonymous said...

I am Abigail from Aga Khan Academy, India. I love books too! I think the books are lovely . They look so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Great job showing the library! Keep on Reading!

Mrs. Hintz (Parkway Library)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring our library! You did a great job!

(By the way: A Series of Unfortunate Events is one of my favorites, too!)

-Mrs. Mohsen

Ms. McLean's 4th grade class said...

Dear Mrs. Hintz,

Thank you for commenting. We miss you at Parkway.

Ms. McLean's class

Anonymous said...

Dear Nemo 22 and HL 21,
That video was awesome about the library.That music made me cry.

Anonymous said...

Dear HL 21 and Nemo 22,
I love your vidio.I like diry of a wimpy kid.

Anonymous said...

Dear HL21 and Nemo22,
I love books a lot, too. I haven't read 'Unlikely Friendships' yet, though. Have you ever read the Warriors series? It goes on and on but it is a very interesting and exciting series. I think you would like it it. Sincerely, Bling Dog.