Sep 16, 2013

Music at Our School

Music in our school is very fun. We also have orchestra and band. Some people do orchestra like me, but you have to be in 5th grade to do band. In music, our room looks like this.
Right now we are learning about rhythm. To do that we are using rhythm sticks to practice our rhythm. On the active board we have notes that we practice. This is our teacher Mrs. Lick.
She is very nice. Mrs. Lick helps us with rhythm. She puts all of the notes on the active board. Then we play it with the rhythm sticks or an instruments. After that, we pick a song to play with the instruments. Finally, we end the song or stop it in the middle.
That's our music room.

This is our orchestra room.
It's where some people come to play violin, viola, cello, and bass. Our teachers' name is Mr. Bakken. He is very nice. This is what he looks like.
Here is what we do in orchestra. First, we get the instrument that we play. Second, we get our music book. Then we practice. After that, we put everything away.
Finally we go back up to our classroom. That's our orchestra room.

Music in our school is terrific!

written by Liv4


Anonymous said...

Dear Liv4,
I really like music too. This sounds like a fun music class.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear the beautiful music you will learn in orchestra. Keep up the great work on your blog! I am thoroughly enjoying all your posts! When I was in 4th grade we did not have computers or an active board. You are very lucky to have so many cool things to use in your classroom and at your school.