Mar 26, 2015

Author Skype

Today we had a great time interviewing Kristin Levine in Virginia.  She wrote the book we are currently reading aloud (and hoping to finish before we leave for vacation!).  It was a very interesting interview and one of the most shocking things we learned is that it took her 4 years to write 'Lions of Little Rock.'  I was also surprised to learn that she didn't like writing at all when she was in school.  In fact, she said she wasn't a very good writer but she was really good at rewriting and making her writing better. Hmmmm maybe this is something all of us need to think about!!  What really made an impression on you during the interview??


Anonymous said...

Wow! Skyping with a real author... That is very exciting! From children at Worser Bay School/ Wellington/ New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Getting in touch with an real author in Virginia, very cool. What is Kristin Levine's book about and how did you guys get in touch with her? I might check it out.
- Lauren

Anonymous said...

Wow, It must have been fun to Skype with a author right. Also the fact that the author took the time to talk with you guys is amazing.

What is the book like and if you could would you recommend it to anyone?


Ms. McLean's 4th grade class said...

Anna, We would definitely recommend this book! The Lions of lIttle Rock was an excellent read. It takes place in the 1950's in the south (US). It is about the friendship of two girls in Little Rock Arkansas during the fight to integrate the public schools. We also learned about the LIttle Rock 9. This was a difficult time in American History.