Nov 21, 2014

3rd Mystery Skype

We have completed our third Mystery Skype this week!  When I was contacted by the teacher in Illinois I thought to myself, oh this is going to confuse them a bit being so close to home.  But our class did great.  We were organized with our maps and very focused on discovering where they lived.  We managed to guess their state in only a couple of questions!

The funny part of the Skype was when the other class asked where we were from, they didn't ask are you in Wisconsin.  They asked "ARE YOU PACKERS FANS?"  We all had a good laugh about that one. Especially if you remember the last football game between the Bears and the Packers!!


Rebecca Lara said...

I am so happy that we made your blog!!! Can you answer me a few questions about your class for our map.
1. Name of school
2. How many students are in the class?
3. What is your weather like?
4. What kind of specials do you have?
5. What makes your school special?

Libby said...

You did your 3rd Mystery Skype! It probably was kind of weird if it was close to where you live. And you only used a couple questions! Wow you guys are good at that. Did you learn anything new? Tell them they did a great job!

Libby at

Cabriah said...

Our class has only done one mystery Skype/Google hangout but we all got good laughs out of it just like you did.
Did you have different jobs or did you all work together to keep things going?
It must have been interesting with the other class being so close to where you live because you could have used tons of questions but you only used a few!
One last thing I think you did a great job on guessing where the other class lived and I bet you did amazing answering the questions.

Cabriah at