Feb 13, 2014

Snow Fort Math Class

Time to make snow forts and talk about perimeter and area.  Today was the warmest weather we have had all month!  A balmy 30 outside a perfect day to go out and make snow forts!  We had some grand designs but found transferring design to actual fort is not as easy as we thought.  Anyway, we had great fun practicing our perimeter and area skills.


Anonymous said...

Well I can tell you one thing
IT WAS HARD!!!!!!!
My team had the biggest fort so it took a lot of work to get our 30 something feet fort to get done. Wait a second WE NEVER FINNISHED OUR FORT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nathan and Charlie said...

HI Navydog sounds like you have had a ace week in America. I especially want to know what soccer team you support do you have a ps3
from Charlie and Nathan
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Anonymous said...

Well our state does not have a soccer team but we do have an indoor soccer team (Milwaukee Wave) Otherwise I love Manchester United and Barcelona. And no I have a WII not a ps3.


Anonymous said...

Hello Driving in 4th,
That must have been fun designing snow forts and learning area and perimeter, i know it is really hard to transfer a design into real life because in England i built a snowman in class with my friends and the design we had didn't really work out, when we learned area and perimeter it was not as fun as how you learnt it

Thank you,
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Anonymous said...

Hello there,

We think that your activity look really fun and exciting because you get to play in the snow. We really want to touch and feel the snow, and experience how cold it can be. We are really happy to comment on this blog because it's very interesting.

What kind of activity is it? Did you have fun or did you just ski? (thats also really fun!)
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Thank you
Doga & Iris

Anonymous said...

Did you have a flag on top of the fort if you had a snowball fight thats really cool. Here in singapore its never snowing infact its really hot here, if you could choose which would you choose hot or cold?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, l think write a blog post is really hard and I also very enjoy your post, it is realy fun.

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Anonymous said...

I think that was great to have a math lesson outside in the snow. We also want to have a math lesson in the snow,but Singapore never gets snow. Are you guys still learning about perimeter and area? I think the forts that you guys made must have been really huge, weren't it?
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Anonymous said...

Hi, l think write a blog post is really hard and I also very enjoy your post, it is realy fun.l think you also can have a snowball fight is is really cool.You also can build a snowman or a snowhouse.

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Atrin said...


You're very lucky to have snow over there, here in Singapore we're very close to the equator, so it's pretty much summer all year long!

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Atrin & James

Anonymous said...


I think it was a great idea to go and make snow and count the perimeters and area skills. It looks interesting to do perimeters and area skills with snow. I wish Singapore has snow.

Was it hard to count the perimeters and the skills area ? What did you learn trough out this activity?

Aryana (you can come and visit me at http://year5atnexus.blogspot.sg/ or http://year5nexus.blogspot.sg/)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am Anais from Beech class in England! I really like your pictures and you are very lucky to get snow! In England we have had no snow and now it is March :( All we have had is floods, floods and more floods! Come to our blog at: http://5csgvillageschool.blogspot.co.uk/ Bye!

Izzy said...

hi im izzy
you are soooooooooooooo lucky i would like to find out more about you guys
happy blogging
Izzy :)

sophie said...

hi,that looks so fun i love playing in snow
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Sophie :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you have had an epic day! I would love to use snow in a maths class, but sadly we haven't had any snow!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a really nice time. Now that's a fun way to learn math in the snow! Some people can do really cool things with snow. Like some Eskimos who live in igloos...I guess you could say you were snow Eskimos for the day!

From happydad